Maldives Telecommunications Law 2015

The “Maldives Telecommunications Law 2015” came into force on 28th day of Saufar' 1437 of the Hijree Calendar corresponding to the 10th day of December 2015. The main objective of this Law is to facilitate the regulation of telecommunications in the Republic of Maldives.

 Maldives Telecommunications Act 2015


3.1 The objects of this Law are:-

(a) to promote the best interests of the citizens of the Maldives, and to create an environment conducive to investment, by:-

(i) ensuring that telecommunications services are accessible to all people in the Maldives, and are supplied as efficiently and economically as practicable and at performance standards that reasonably meet the social and commercial needs of the Maldives; and

(ii) encouraging, promoting and facilitating the development and expansion of a telecommunications industry that is efficient, internationally competitive and responsive to the needs of the community;

(b) to promote a competitive environment for the provision of domestic and international telecommunication services;

(c) to promote national policy objectives for the telecommunications industry; and

(d) to establish a licensing and regulatory framework that supports and facilitates the achievement of the objects of this Law.

3.2 The national policy objectives for the telecommunications industry include:-

(a) to make all telecommunications services more affordable, equitable and competitive;

(b) to develop telecommunications infrastructure and services to reduce the disparity between Malé and the rest of the Maldives;

(c) to introduce, encourage and maintain competition in telecommunications services;

(d) to provide the Authority with the necessary means and powers to regulate the telecommunications industry in accordance with the national policy objectives; and

(e) to develop and promote information and communication technologies.

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