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Ship Station License


1. Communication equipment onboard every ship must hold a valid Ship Station Licence.

2. The equipment onboard every ship has to be surveyed before license can be issued.

2. Registered vessels operating outside Maldivian waters have to be surveyed if any change is made to the communication equipment. If a vessel abroad needs to be surveyed, all the expenses have to be borne by the owner.

3. A temporary license will be issued to vessels brought into the country only on submission of officially approved evidence of originating country and equipments having internationally approved maritime frequencies. This license is valid for 3 months or single voyage.

4. Ship Station license has to be renewed annually by the end of February. A fine will be charged for licenses renewed after this date.

5. Licenses not renewed can only be cancelled after the pending fee has been paid. Such licenses not renewed by the end of March will be charged the full annual fee.

6. In case the equipment is no longer used, notify to CAM in writing for cancellation of the license.

Licence Application Procedure

1. Make a formal request in writing for ship survey together with a copy of the ship registry and a surveying fee of Rf250/- to CAM. If request is for renewal or change to existing equipment please submit the old license.

2. Ship surveying date will be informed to the customer on the same day.

3. IF equipment is approved, submit revenue stamp of Rf 100/- and license fee of Rf100/-. Revenue stamp will be available from the Ministry of Finance & Treasury, the Post Office and some bookshops.

6. License will be issued at the latest within 3 working days.

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