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Maldives Telecommunication Policy 2006 - 2010

Telecommunication can play a vital role in linking our dispersed communities and reduce the impact of the geographical isolation and physical separation that exists between island communities of Maldives. Telecommunication will also play a major
role in achieving the economic and social developmental objectives envisaged in the Vision 2020 of Maldives.

As a country with limited natural resources, info communication technology can be the tool in developing the skills for obtaining knowledge and information, increase productivity and to promote our products and businesses in the global market. It is
essential, therefore, that modern telecommunication services be made available at affordable prices, in order to create an environment conducive to foreign investment, in areas beneficial to the country.

This Maldives Telecommunication Policy has been formulated in view of the economic and social development needs of the country and to facilitate and achieve the above objectives. The policy identifies and addresses key issues in the sector in 6 major areas. This policy will facilitate sustainable development of telecommunication services for the next 5 years.

Download Maldives Telecommunication Policy 2006 - 2010 (Dhivehi)
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