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Dhiraagu Mobile Tariffs


SMS to Dhiraagu Wataniya International
Rate per Message 20 Laari 50 Laari RF 1.0

Connection Fee: Nil
Monthly Fee: Nil

Colour SMS

Application Download:
Rf20 (No additional GPRS charges for downloading the application)
SMS will be charged at standard SMS rates


Setup Fee: Nil
Monthly Fee: Nil
Usage Charges: 1 laari per Kilobyte of data downloaded or uploaded


Setup FREE and automatically activated to all customers
Monthly Fee NIL
Usage Charges The charges for sending MMS will vary depending on the size of the MMS (see table blow).
There is no charge for receiving MMS.

MMS Size
Rate Per MMS
10 Kilobytes or less
60 laari
Between 10 and 50 Kilobytes
Rf 1.20
Between 50 and 100 Kilobytes
Rf 1.90
* Rates to dhiraagu customers only
* Maximum size = 100 kilobytes

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