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Low Power Cordless Phone (LPCP)

Guidelines for the use of LPCP Equipment

1. Base station output power should not be greater than 100Mw.

2. There should be no provision for outdoor antenna in the base unit.

3. LPCP should be registered with CAM. Renewal of registry is not required.

4. Approved frequency bands to-date: 30, 40, 46, 49 MHz.

Licence Application Procedure

1. Get license application form from CAM reception.

2. Complete application form and submit to CAM along with the equipment, a revenue stamp of Rf100/- and license fee of Rf100/-. Revenue stamp will be available at the Ministry of Finance & Treasury, the Post Office and some bookshops.

3. Submit 'No Objection' letter from the owner of the telephone line to be connected.

4. License will be issued within 3 working days at the latest.

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